Serving Coffee

The Serving Coffee section is about anything that involves finished coffee. It includes what packaging coffee comes in, storing coffee properly, coffee cupping, coffee and espresso recipes, and pairing with food.

Coffee Packaging

Most coffee comes in half pound or one pound bags. They should have an air valve on them to press the air out. Learn about the packaging that coffee is sold in and what to look for.

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Storing Coffee

Coffee should be stored at room temperature in not too humid of air. Whole beans keep fresh a lot longer than ground beans do. Learn about how to properly store coffee, including temperature, humidity, and good containers.

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Cupping Coffee

Cupping coffee is the best method for performing a coffee tasting. It can be used to compare similar coffees or contrast different ones. Cupping coffee really is a big deal. When a roastery has a buyer travel the world to source coffee, he/she performs cuppings at the coffee farms and washing stations to determine the quality and pricing for each batch. Cuppings are also the method coffee batches receive their ratings that customers see, such as from the Coffee Review company.

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Coffee and Espresso Recipes

Learn the recipes to make authentic drinks such caffe lattes, cappuccinos, and Irish coffee. Also learn about adding milk, sugar, and flavor shots.

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Food Pairings

Coffee and espresso are commonly paired with confections.
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