Rhazes was a Persian physician, astronomer, and mathematician who lived circa 865 - 930 AD. One of his most significant works was writing the Comprehensive Book of Medicine, which he completed throughout his life.

The title is also translated as The Continence liber, the definition of liber being a book of records. In one journal of this extensive composition, Rhazes wrote of a plant bunn and beverage buncham which was hot and dry. He mentioned buncham's soothing effects on the stomach.

This journal is the first known written account in history of the coffee beverage. Although the original work has been lost, the Comprehensive Book of Medicine had been translated into Latin in 1279 by Faraj ben Salim, and was widely used in Europe into the fifteenth century. It also indicates that coffee was originally used as a medical beverage, not a customary one.

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