Coffee Mug Glassware

Other Names

Tasse à Café (tɑs ɑ cɑ.feɪ) "Cup for Coffee" in French


Tempered Glass
Glazed Ceramic (clay)

Traditional coffee cups are usually 4-6 fl ounces (120-180 mL). They may come with a saucer and spoon. These cups are found at more formal settings, such as fine restaurants and roasteries, weddings, and banquets. The spoon is used to add cubes of sugar and stir them in. The saucer is to place the dirty spoon on after use.

Casual coffee mugs are usually larger, between 8-12 fl ounces (240-350 mL). They are the most common at home.

The purpose for coffee cups is to keep coffee as hot as possible. Traditional cups may have some elegant designs. Casual mugs may be plain, colorful, or have printing on them. Some coffee mugs receive sophisticated industrial design. Because the cups hold hot liquids, they should withstand boiling water and be dishwasher safe.

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