Coffee Glassware

Coffee beverages are primarily served as hot as possible, so many types of glassware are designed to keep them this way. Heat rises, so having a tall and slender body will help the drink maintain temperature. With hot beverages safe handling is important, so coffee glassware usually has handles.

Coffee Glass Designs

Wide Mouths

Allow easy drinking
Layers of espresso, dry and wet steamed milk will blend when sipping
Allow a flat top for crema, steamed milk, and Latte art
Drink will not stay hot as long

Narrow Mouths

Maintain hot temperature
Promote sipping for strong espresso drinks
Concentrate aroma as it releases

Wide Bodies

Hold more volume
Layers of espresso, dry and wet steamed milk interact more

Narrow Bodies

Helps coffee stay hot

Stemmed Bases



For handling a hot drink

Thick walls

Keeps coffee hot
For handling a hot drink

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