Coffee Classification

This section will exlain the different coffee and espresso drinks. All coffee and espresso drinks are made by brewing seeds (beans) from the plant genus Coffea. There are 95 known species of Coffea plants, although most coffee is brewed from either Arabica or Robusta seeds.

Coffee Styles of the World

Explore the world of coffee, including the unique style of each country and the farming regions in them.

Coffee Species

While there are over 90 known species within the Coffea genus, only 2 are used in the coffee market.

Coffea arabica

Pronunciation kɒ.feɪ.ǝ ǝ.ræ.bɪ.kǝ

This coffee species is commonly called Arabica. It's considered the finest type of coffee in terms of flavor and complexity. About three quarters of the coffee produced every year is Arabica. This species of coffee originated in the arab country of Yemen more than 1500 years ago.

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Coffea canephora

Pronunciation kɒ.feɪ.ǝ kæ.nɛ.fɔr.ǝ

This coffee species is more commonly called Robusta. It is less regarded for flavor but easier to farm. About one quarter of the coffee produced every year is of the Coffea canephora species. This species originated in the jungles of Zaire in Africa, and is much older than Arabica. Robusta naturally has more caffeine content than Arabica does. It also produces more crema when brewing espresso.

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Coffee Characteristics

The characteristics of coffee include its appearance, flavor, aroma, body, and caffeine strength. Learn what these mean and how they're measured.

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Soy Coffee

Soy coffee is made with roasted soy beans. Soy beans are also naturally caffeine free. They are also the highest known source of isoflavones, which are highly regarded in recent health studies.

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Organic Coffee

Some coffee is marketed as Organic. The term Organic can be used for coffee primarily if it is grown using organic farming standards. Meeting guidelines for other parts of the process, such as storage, processing, packaging, and shipping, may be necessary as well.

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Sustainable Coffee Agriculture

The idea behind Sustainable Agriculture is to manage Coffee farms so they do not slowly degrade the land, wildlife, or community that supports them.

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