Brewing Coffee and Espresso

Learn about the ingredients, the process, and the equipment.


Brewing coffee and espresso needs just 2 ingredients: water and coffee.

For coffee, the mass ratio of water to coffee should be from 15:1 (for stronger coffee) to 19:1 (for weaker coffee). For example, at an average 17:1 ratio, you need 1 oz (28 g) coffee for 16 fl oz (473 mL) water.

For espresso, the mass ratio of water to coffee should be


Water is used to dissolve the delicious flavors and aromas inside coffee beans.

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Coffee Beans

The seeds from coffee berries, colloquially called beans, are farmed, processed, roasted, and ground for making every cup of coffee.

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Brewing coffee has 5 main steps:
1. Green Coffee is Roasted
2. Water is Heated to Brewing Temp
3. Roasted Coffee is Ground
4. Extraction
5. Filtering

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There are an overwhelming number of devices for brewing Coffee and Espresso. This section also covers equipment for roasting and grinding beans.

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