Sustainable Agriculture Coffee

The idea behind Sustainable Agriculture is to manage Coffee farms so they do not slowly degrade the land, wildlife, or community that supports them. There are multiple organizations that work by making positive environmental changes in the

Shade Grown Coffee Beans

Coffee certified as Shade Grown comes from farms with tall tree canopies over them. This allows the coffee farm to also provide a strong habitat for indigenous wildlife.

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Rainforest Alliance Coffee Beans

Coffee certified as Rainforest Alliance comes from coffee farms that reduce deforestation, reduce pollution, protect indigenous wildlife, and also reduce poverty. Once certified, the Rainforest Alliance organization helps the coffee farm go to market, branded as sustainable coffee, by linking them with customers whom demand sustainable products.

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Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Coffee certified as Fair Trade provides a positive economic system for coffee farmers. Accredited, not-for-profit companies certify Fair Trade coffee, to ensure the price / 100 lbs (45 kg) is high enough for the farmers to continue to improve their methods, equipment, and basic quality of life.

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